”journey to find the right words
to find words

love has tasted inside of our mouths in

different ways,

mangos have been eaten

strawberries have been peeled

the pink ocean

has touched




this time i ask you,


‘what is forever?’

you grab my fingers honestly and say,

‘i believe in moments’

I believe-me-myself in forever.


i had taught myself

how to accept and not ask



‘i believe in complete

i also believe

your fair share




i don’t say this out loud and instead,

i share a joke

and you laugh


‘all this time- 

i failed to will myself to cross the bridge.’


catch myself.

incomplete because i am yet to develop this!

inspired by the conversations between me and the lovely jewel @selfloveclubke on Instagram, check her out x

and these quotes too,

”Stop rushing into relationships and start building friendships, strong foundations first, everything else second.” – Alex Elle


”Build a bond first & don’t force a title.”- @ItsJahron on Twitter

great weekend x


my medium articles

hello! long time

thought i would share my medium articles and constantly update them here.

medium is an online publishing website- you should check it out.

enjoy x

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instagram part 3

a long time ago i wanted to write a post about image. i couldn’t find the right word.

in this short piece

i found them

.  .  .

my vulnerability cannot be sold- the price is too high
don’t tear off my clothes and mouth: love, love
don’t waltz around in your covered-clothed and gaze at me bare, spaced, open as “You’re a fine jewel, darling.”
Don’t languish me with flowery language that’s only meant to last a second
Don’t make my legs shake- unable to walk and you say, “I’ll carry you, darling.”
Don’t do that to me: to my soul, to everybody
my vulnerability is precious: it is my treasure
my treasure: it ought to be pure, and rubified 
Don’t whisper sweet sweet nothings
In my soft, kind, feeble ear and say this is forever 
Forever is not about my body: forever is about how my soul can languish with yours consistently
Forever will not salvage our fights: our disagreements 
So let’s leave this vulnerability in a safe box for later: and open my mind and talk to me.
.  .  .
as always, asia, with love.
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instagram part 2

how are you? for this second edition. i thought i should give you a longer post. i wasn’t sure if posting them all at once was a good idea? so why not give you a dose of splendor in bits?

…as always, enjoy them with ice cream and pancakes, and with love.

.  .  .

we live in this small little house on the hill: with our two unfinished books and bed of love.

and you’re an occasional dreamer: naming our future successes like you’ve spelt them already.

By the meadow: I sleep across your arms/

happiness struck the chord. You go on and on and on chattering about the confluence of things.

Do we hear? Do they hear? You ask.
I let out a laugh and immediately silence you with a peck: your face changes and you look at me so lovingly.

You smirk and look down at the lake.
You talk about our future. You talk about how we met

and when I never glanced your way. You talk about how you loved, adored to watch me: how it would excite you to hear me

talk of a revolution. You would watch my lips sync into that madness

in your head: it electrified

and you knew we would

synchronize very well.

You said you weren’t so sure that if you picked me: that I would be the one to ride this down the sunset and take long drives in the

hot weather: with you. Hand against my thigh.
But I did. And that silenced your queries.

You’re making me sound like a goddess, I say.
But you are darling- you whisper.

I was intelligent and courageously intellectual in things only you understood: only you understood because you said them and I’d jump up in pride because I knew we were a match.
I roll my eyes.

Sometimes you say things like, that are so intense-
Like what, I cut you

Remember that day you said our love was similar to those ones you never pay attention to but that when you do their power scares you because they leave you asking

for what next? Babygirl, can I tell you that this is the last one?

I look at him intensely.

This is the last one- marry me.


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instagram part 1

hallo. thank you all for your continuous love. as always, i strive for quality content. i thought i should share some of my old, favorite and original posts from my instagram blog (@asiaminorwrites)- so i can always read them here! and yes, i used to call myself @literaturedazzling and yes, i did have a twitter.

they come in images, so what splendour? enjoy.

.   .   .




and a newer layout,



sorry it was so short! i will come up with more. in the mean time you can check out the instagram profile.

if you’re on facebook, my page is Asia Minor Writes.

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A long poem

the time you left, now you are back

I tried to make myself happy. I over flew with happiness

I wrote so many things,
convinced you’d never come back.

I tried to connect the wires together
knowing it was all my fault.

I told myself that I’d meet another you
again like I always had.

I lied to myself that I could find

I knew that what we had shared
was very special
and that you said things to me about myself
I would never utter.

I slept with a certain hollow,
listening to your cold tone
wondering where I’d cut the wire.

Where had I cut the wire?

Was it when I let go of your hand?
When I was angry?
When I had lost the tune?

now you are back

I look at the ceiling
I spend such long nights with you
asking myself if it will happen again
If we’ll lose each other again.

we are gentler. I laugh cautiously. loving you more.

I know it is complicated. I know sometimes I am kind and you are unkind.
But I know I will never forget the way you make me feel.

like I am the only person that you see when the tides begin, and when the clouds rise,
and when the sun sets.

I know you love me. I see the way you linger on to my fingers, when we are alone.
I see your eyes.
I see your soul.
I read you.
You read me.

We love.

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A morning cup of coffee

this is a title that hit me one night when I wrote a piece about some crazy adventure that involved- tenderness, love and relationships.

i then have a notebook with the title and it’s longer. so below is a link to my first dose of poetry. enjoy.

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‘dark skin is not
a crime’

this is a poem to my sisters, and brothers who struggle to love their dark skin. dark skin is beautiful: cherish and love it. what matters is your heart. 


I used to look at you

and I wanted to be you


You were radiant with your

dark skin

You were the Sun,

You were the sunrises


Your children kissed your chocolate

skin: you were a mother in


in strength, beauty-

in beauty


You were beautiful


Your heart was beautiful


I see your yellow


I watch what was

my princess.

my Queen

my honey

but you meet my eyes-just as

you never did years go,

as happy as you were


”I wanted to be you”


the scars are like dirt


your former Cleopatra glory, I search for it





we laugh at you


ever so silently

pride in our

motherland skin



we don’t ask about the tears

you’ve cried

the man who called you

ugly-who wanted brown


we don’t ask about your daughter



how you change her

to live in your flaws



I pray for you to






‘to all the sisters who have skin  

                    lightened, I love you 

                         cry on my arms’ 

            ‘tell me your heartache: 

                              who made you 

                                    feel this way’ 

         ‘you are gold. do not change yourself’ 

               ‘you are melanin mixed  

                     with sweet black 


‘again, cry on my arms’